Spring 2012 Photo Contest Results

Name - Richard Staus
Location - Hastings, MN
Product - Gro-Max High Tunnel
Place - First

"Shopping for the right greenhouse was as important to me as purchasing a vacation home, especially since I knew how much time I'd be spending in it. After checking with several companies, I consulted with a sales rep at Growers Supply and felt confident that he could help me make the right choice for my family's new greenhouse." - Richard Staus, Hastings, MN

Gro-Max High Tunnels - Growers SupplyGro-Max High Tunnels - Growers SupplyGro-Max High Tunnels - Growers Supply
About Grow-Max High Tunnels

Gro-Max Gothic High Tunnels with film sufficiently modify the environment to enhance crop growth, quality and yield. Ideal for a wide variety of crops, these high tunnels offer temperature control and protection from wind, rain, disease and predators.

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2012 Photo Contest Runners-Up

Linda & Randy Naeve
Pro Solar Star™ High Tunnel
High Tunnels - Growers Supply
"Last year, we purchased a 30' x 96' Pro Solar Star™ High Tunnel from Growers Supply. We decided to "harvest" more than just vegetable crops from the tunnel and prevent erosion by collecting rainfall flowing off the tunnel."
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Susan Waughtal
Premium Round Style High Tunnel
Premium Round Style High Tunnels - Growers Supply
"After my seeds sprouted this spring, I moved the flats to the greenhouse where they grew quickly and adapted well to being transplanted into the garden. This summer, we rolled up the sides, opened up the ends and I am growing tomatoes, squash, peppers, basil and sweet potatoes in the high tunnel."
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Vivienne Morgan
Elite Greenhouse
Elite Greenhouses - Growers Supply
"So far the greenhouse has pushed our season by far more than a month and we have harvested the biggest and best chard and lettuce ever.  The tomatoes are huge for this time of year and setting fruit heavily, the peppers are looking great and we have harvested basil twice already!"
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Monica Ray
Elite Home-Attached Greenhouse
Elite Attached Greenhouses - Growers Supply
"We were able to grow all of our own flower and vegetable starts this year for our garden.  The big pots in the greenhouse will yield the early cucumbers and tomatoes which are slow to appear outside in the highlands of northern Idaho.  In sum, I couldn't be more pleased with my "new" greenhouse!"
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David Lucius
Backyard Pro Greenhouse II
Backyard Pro Greenhouses - Growers Supply
"I love my 12' x 24' greenhouse from Growers Supply because it houses over 100 banana trees and lots of other tropical flowers throughout the winter. This product is as good today as the day I installed it."
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Robert Castoro
Daddy Long Legs Canopy
Daddy Long Legs Canopies - Growers Supply
"Just wanted to thank all at Growers Supply for their great customer service and great products for our business. After Hurricane Katrina we bought our first fabric structure as a temporary facility and it is still going strong. (I guess it is no longer temporary.) We have since bought several more buildings and plan on buying more to ease future growing pains."
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Cindy M. Davidson
Freestanding Building
Freestanding Buildings - Growers Supply
"I have a 38' x 40' ClearSpan building that I use as a small arena for training and starting my ponies under saddle. The building is bright and airy and allows me to work with the ponies even when the sun is beating down or it's raining."
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Pat Mullis
Pony Wall Building
Pony Wall Buildings - Growers Supply
"We absolutely love our Growers Supply hoop building! We decided to put our hoop building on an existing cement structure from a former hog confinement building. Our building is 32' x 84' and resides on our dairy farm. We utilize this structure for storage of corn stalk and hay bales and some equipment storage."
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Pamela Rhein
Beef Master™ System
Beef Master Systems - Growers Supply
"The calves love it."
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James Boudoures
Hercules Truss Arch Building
Hercules Truss Arch Buildings - Growers Supply
"The construction was a breeze with good instructions and perfect fits.  The site experiences high winds in the winter and as much as 100 inches of rain and this structure has not failed to keep the team totally satisfied."
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