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Fall 2012 Photo Contest Results

Name - iF Foundation
Location - Larevoie, Haiti
Product - 10-Hole Front Rollout Nest
Place - First

"Your Nest Boxes were recommended to us by experts in the poultry field to ensure that we were using the best quality equipment and meeting the highest industry standards. As you can see from our photos, the iF Foundation and Haitian Pride Poultry are raising happy hens. Our mortality rate is low and egg production is better than expected."

About 10-Hole Front Rollout Nests

10-Hole Front Rollout Nests are designed to make egg collection easier. With individual rollout bottoms and front-access rollout drawers, the eggs are cleaner and less susceptible to breakage. These nest boxes allow you to collect eggs without disturbing your hens.

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10-Hole Front Rollout Nest - Growers Supply   10-Hole Front Rollout Nest - Growers Supply   10-Hole Front Rollout Nest - Growers Supply

2012 Photo Contest Runners-Up

Dave Tims
ClearSpan™ Freestanding Building
"This clear-cut growth Ponderosa pine was going to be sent to a local mill to produce framing lumber. Instead of that terrible fate for this beautiful lumber, I bought two flatbeds of logs and milled the timbers myself. I designed ends for my ClearSpan™ Freestanding building from the lumber. The ends include full-height bi-fold doors which open on both ends and allow us to drive through with boat and farm equipment. I drilled footing holes and buried the auger anchors in concrete piers below the frost line. This building has worked out great and was more cost effective than a completely wood structure. After spending several days this summer spraying all the wood with oil stain, I came to appreciate the fact that I only had the ends to do and the rest just needed a power wash!"
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Freestanding Buildings - Growers Supply  Freestanding Buildings - Growers Supply

ClearSpan™ Gothic Cold Frames - Growers Supply  ClearSpan™ Gothic Cold Frames - Growers Supply Andrew Malucelli
ClearSpan™ Gothic Cold Frame and 6 mil Clear Greenhouse Film
"The high tunnel has worked for us on many levels. This was our first season and the most obvious benefit has been extending our growing season into November in Montana. Also, it is an easy space to intensively manage and farm. With less than 45 days, the cover crop mix as shown in the photo would not have had the same growth and benefits without the tunnel. Yields and germination rate were noticeably higher than the same crops grown just outside the tunnel, and we used less irrigation. With the NRCS program, we were able to pay off the high tunnel during the first season!"
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Robert Terry
Sun Master® Pull and Cut Greenhouse Film
"I am a backyard farmer and my greenhouse has been extremely useful by allowing me to start hundreds of seedlings earlier in the spring. I also use it to harden off plants and overwinter some of my perennials. I am able to grow more varieties than before and being able to start seedlings directly in the greenhouse has saved me a lot of time and effort."
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un Master® Greenhouse Film - Growers Supply  un Master® Greenhouse Film - Growers Supply

Double-Tuf™ Premium Equipment - Growers Supply  Double-Tuf™ Premium Equipment - Growers Supply Tim Gray
Double-Tuf™ Premium Feed Trough and Salt Block Pan
"The Double-Tuf Salt Block Pan can withstand abuse from large livestock. It's very easy to pick up and move to other pastures as the cattle are moved to graze in different areas. It works well for our polled Hereford cattle and boer goats. The Double-Tuf™ Premium Feed Trough is also great for the boer goats. They like to push each other around and the steel grille allows more than one to eat at a time. Also, it is easy to move to other stalls if needed. It is very well crafted to stand up to all the playing our goats do."
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Jerry Anderson
ClearSpan™ Gro-Max High Tunnel
"We are very happy with the high tunnel we purchased through Growers Supply in May 2012. It is amazing how fast plants increase in size under the right conditions and how much more they will produce as well. We are very anxious to see how much earlier we are able to plant next year here in northern North Dakota. This was our first summer with the structure and I learned a lot. I especially enjoyed being able to be inside the garden when it was raining. Thanks again Growers Supply!"
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Gro-Max High Tunnels - Growers Supply  Gro-Max High Tunnels - Growers Supply

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