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Fall 2013 Photo Contest Results

Name - Shawna Weaver
Location - Mona, UT
Product - Nursing Bottles and Bottle Holders
Place - First

"For us, being farmers started out as a dream - a way of life that we were certain we wanted for our family. Although we are small, we are still proud of our little farm and still dream of growing. Whenever we have a new project or bring home some new animals, we always reach for our Growers Supply catalog. Thank you Growers Supply for helping us make our dreams come true."

About Nursing Bottles and Bottle Holders

Nursing Bottles make feeding sanitary. The 2-quart capacity nursing bottles are made from strong, durable polyethylene. The bottles are available with either screw-on or snap-on caps with nipples made from a special rubber formula designed to prolong nipple life and improve pliability. Bottle holders are powder coated for rust prevention and easily mount on any "2 by" board.

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2013 Photo Contest Runners-Up

Johnny and Janice Harbor
Super Moo-Tel™
"Our 26' by 100' Super Moo-Tel™ was purchased on December 23, 2003. We set it up for use as a lambing shed for April weather in Montana. It is pure joy to work in! The light coming in is wonderful, and the building is always at least 10F warmer than the outside. It is even warmer at night when the animals are inside, making 2:00 am rounds very pleasant. It has withstood winds of up to 90 miles per hour (recorded August 1, 2013) with no damage. That storm removed the roof off of a mobile home less than 150' away. Neighbors who thought it would not last are amazed and those who tour it or come to work with us in it love it!"
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Super Moo-Tels™  Super Moo-Tels™

Premium Round Style High Tunnels  Premium Round Style High Tunnels Rodger Phillips
Premium Round-Style High Tunnel
"I manage an urban community farm called Grow Hartford. Our small plots are right in the middle of Connecticut's capitol city and produce thousands of pounds of food. Most of what we produce is donated to service agencies in the city, but a portion is available for sale to low-income households through a community supported agriculture (CSA) membership. A team of staff and volunteers assembled a high tunnel from Growers Supply last year. It was a fun putting it together. The kit itself was small enough to fit in the back of the farm truck. One volunteer described the process of it like assembling a giant Erector® set. We have tried dozens and dozens of crops in the tunnel and all have had great success. From bok choi to cucumbers to Swiss chard to tomatoes, our plants love the environment in the tunnel."
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Chris and Sandi Kengla
Corrugated Polycarbonate
"Christopher's Gardens is a retail garden center located in a resort community in Arizona at 6,800 ft. above sea level. We needed glazing for a new greenhouse we built to give our nursery a facelift for our daughter's wedding this summer. We chose Growers Supply because of one-stop shopping and efficiency that the company provides. Also, the quality of the material is just what we wanted and you came through! As you can see from the photos, it came together beautifully. The greenhouse is now home to flowering bedding plants and our customers love browsing through it!"
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Corrugated Polycarbonate and Accessories  Corrugated Polycarbonate and Accessories

  Electro-Web Electric Net John Lang
Electro-Web Goat Net
"I purchased the 42" by 165' Electro-Web Goat Net about 3 years ago and it has performed flawlessly! My meat goats and dogs respect it, as well as raccoons, rabbits and other pests. I also run a single strand of electric wire about 6" to 8" above the surface to help train the young goats to avoid touching the fence. They will not get close to it! I love this fence and it is so easy to erect, move or take down for the winter months!"
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Mike Johnson
3/4" TekCoil™ Pex-Al-Pex and TekFoil™ Reflective Insulation
"For a remodeling project in our home, we installed an in-floor heating system using 3/4" TekCoil™ Pex-Al-Pex and TekFoil™ purchased from Growers Supply. Since only a crawl space was available for pipe installation, we tackled the project from the top. We removed the old flooring and made necessary repairs before we installed the TekFoil™ insulation and homemade diffuser plates made from scraps from a recent farm building project. We put in the TekCoil™ Pex-Al-Pex before new subfloor was installed. As we were installing the floor, we kept the pex tubing pressurized with air to check for leaks. Close attention to pipe locations allowed for a leak-free installation."
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Radiant Floor Heating Systems  Radiant Floor Heating Systems

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