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Fall 2014 Photo Contest Results

Name - Monty Hoffman
Location - Harrisville, PA
Product - 34W by 96L Gothic Style Solar Star™ Greenhouse & Grow-Tek GT50 Series Hydroponic Channels
Place - First

"We purchased the entire Hydroponic Greenhouse System from FarmTek. The Gothic Style Solar Star™ Greenhouse is perfect and sturdy. The NFT channels do a fantastic job growing our lettuce, which always come out healthy and clean! A Dolphin Pump has been pumping nutrient water through the entire greenhouse since 2013, and the Canarm Variable Speed Tube Fan is wonderful, because it keeps the air moving inside for reduced mildew problems. We also like to use your Grodan A-OK Starter Plugs as they make starting seeds so easy and successful. But the best thing from this hydroponic greenhouse is that we get many compliments from our customers on how sweet and tasty our lettuce and greens are, and we even enjoy them at our table every day too!"

About our Gothic Style Solar Star Greenhouse and GT50 Channels

Gothic Style Greenhouses come with your choice of polycarbonate or greenhouse film and have optional roll-up or drop-down sides. This greenhouse includes polycarbonate end walls, is constructed of triple-galvanized steel tubing and can be purchased as a stand-alone greenhouse or as a complete system. Our Grow-Tek GT50 Hydroponic Channels make producing lettuce and other leafy varieties easy. These channels are NSF-certified and are constructed of UV-stabilized recycled plastics. GT50 Channels are 4” wide by 2” deep and have a contoured base to help centralize nutrient flow, while also allowing for excess water to runoff.

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2014 Photo Contest Runners-Up

John Greene
Gothic Style Cold Frame & Poly Mesh Netting
"I built this ClearSpan™ Gothic Cold Frame 20’ wide by 30’ long, and wrapped it with your 3/4” by 3/4” Poly Mesh Netting. Four pieces 6’ wide by 32’ long cover the top and are knitted together with galvanized wire. The netting is secured to the frame with your 11" UV Black Nylon Cable Ties. At the bottom I used 1/2” hardware cloth, going below grade 6'', with the netting weaved to it. The base has your Recycled Plastic Lumber bolted to the frame around the perimeter and holds the hardware cloth in place. The enclosed raised garden beds are completely protected from the deer and birds. Your products are very high quality, and I highly recommend them."
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Gothic Style Cold Frame & Poly Mesh Netting  Gothic Style Cold Frame & Poly Mesh Netting

Elite Greenhouse  Elite Greenhouse Ken Marini
Elite Greenhouse
"I’m very impressed with the construction of this greenhouse, everything fits together perfectly. I have many vegetables growing and look forward to growing them all winter long with the help of the HeatStar Blue Flame Heater I purchased. My wife enjoys the greenhouse for her flowers and plants. We enjoy sitting in it after work daily. I also look forward to buying grow lights, as you offer many kinds. Thank you for making our lives a little more enjoyable."
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Cesar Valencia
Marker Pen & Orange Coated Wooden Garden Stakes
"I purchased the Orange Coated Wooden Garden Stakes and the Garden Markers to write down plot numbers on stakes. We had several hundred experimental plots this year, and all of them were properly labeled using these two products. Both the color of the stakes and the marker's ink lasted all season long (5 months) they are amazing. I will definitely buy more for next years trials."
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Marker Pen & Orange Coated Wooden Garden Stakes  Marker Pen & Orange Coated Wooden Garden Stakes

PolyMax Poultry/Kennel Flooring  PolyMax Poultry/Kennel Flooring Krissy Garner
PolyMax Poultry/Kennel Flooring
"I cannot say enough great things about the PolyMax Kennel Flooring! I was a little unsure of it prior to ordering, due to not knowing exactly how big the holes would be in relation to puppy paws. The puppies in these photos are only 5 weeks old, and as you can see, IT’S PERFECT! No sitting urine, fecal matter is pushed through if stepped on prior to being picked up. I am OCD on our dogs living quarters, and this flooring is more than ideal. I won’t do concrete or patio blocks or anything else anymore. You can see in the photos that at 5 weeks old (5 pounds roughly), their toes and paws don’t even come close to getting stuck. My only regret is not getting this flooring sooner."
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Brett Paxton
10-Hole Front Rollout Nest
"I have to say that our new FarmTek poultry products make our egg world much happier. We no longer have feed spillage with our new Chick-Inn Poultry Feeders. Our bedding has been dry from our new ValuTek Wall Mount Fans. The Poultry & Game Bird Fountain has saved many trips to get more water. Best of all, we love our 10-Hole Front Rollout Nests. They keep eggs clean and peck protected. We are very happy to have found a great company to supply us with what we need to make farming easier."
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10-Hole Front Rollout Nest  10-Hole Front Rollout Nest

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