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TekFoil Radiant Barrier Insulation (R/R) Flame Retardant Perforated - 54" x 250'

Item Number: 102864 Availability: Available in 6 days (Manufactured Product)

TekFoil Radiant Barrier Insulation Reflective/Reflective (R/R) Flame Retardant makes all insulation better. It's perfect for uses in attics in addition to conventional insulation. TekFoil™ Radiant Barriers reflects 95% of the radiant heat waves and is only .05% emissive. Available perforated so you can use it if a vapor barrier is already in place. Class 1 material (15 Flame Spread and 0 Smoke Generation when tested to ASTM E-84). Discourages rodent nesting. TekFoil™ Radiant Barriers can also be used in the following applications:

  • A radiant barrier under floors and crawl spaces.
  • Great as a radiant barrier on rafters and trusses.
  • Easy to install as a radiant barrier in steel building construction.
  • TekFoil is a patent compliant product.