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Sun Master® Infrared Anti-Condensate Thermal Greenhouse Film - 24'W x 100'L

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Infrared retention and anti-condensate additives mean superior diffusion rates, heat retention and tensile strength. This premier 6 MIL thermal film offers huge savings on energy costs. Keep the heat and lose the drips!

  • Co-extruded copolymer resin tri-layer construction offers maximum physical properties for superior film life.
  • Infrared (IR) additives provide excellent diffusion and absorb and re-radiate infrared heat back down to the crop during the evening hours, saving as much as 30% on heating costs.
  • Drip control additive is incorporated throughout the film and provides superior condensation control.
  • 88% light transmission.
  • 52% diffused light transmission means improved, more uniform plant growth.
  • UV stabilized for up to four years of film life.
  • Writing (this side to the soil) should be facing the inside of the greenhouse so you can read from inside the greenhouse.
  • Available in full rolls only.
  • Exclusive 4 year warranty.