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Sunblocker™ Premium Bulk Shade 60% - 12'W x 300'L Roll

Item Number: SHADE6012 Availability: Usually ships in 24 hours 

Pull and Cut SunBlocker™ Knitted Shade. Make your own panels. Benefits: Reduces UV penetration, Lightweight, Good ventilation, Easy to use, Long lasting, Durable, Protects from wind & other damage, Captures odor-spreading dust particles.

  • Great for "do-it-yourself" applications.
  • Lightweight with high tensile strength.
  • Can be cut without unraveling.
  • Can be bordered with tape and grommets for extra durability.
  • Highly resistant to UV degradation and temperature extremes.
  • Effective odor barrier, as knitted panels capture the dust carrying particles that spread odor.
  • Longest continuous roll is 300'L.
  • Ideal For: Livestock Housing, Poultry Buildings, Greenhouses, All Hoop Style Structures, Fencing, Wind Barrier, Odor Barrier, Truck Covers, Equine Housing & Kennels.