Hydroponic Salad Crop Production Guide

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Author Lynette Morgan, PhD, presents her comprehensive knowledge on commercial hydroponic production in these easy-to-follow, scientific guides. Whether you are new to hydroponic production or experienced, you will benefit from having a valuable array of information at your fingertips that will help increase the quality and yield of your commercial crops.

Hydroponic Salad Crop Production (111087): Study up on how to hydroponically produce salad crops year round for high yields of quality greens free of contaminants and pests. This guide discusses the most recent developments, scientific findings and research on hydroponic lettuce production. As hydroponic systems and consumer tastes become more sophisticated, salad crops encompass much more than lettuce. To fit this changing need, this book describes the varieties and production essentials of all currently produced salad crops and microgreens. 246 pages.