VegiBee™ Garden Pollinator - Rechargeable

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Pollination has never been so simple. Easy-to-use, waterproof, handheld VegiBee™ Garden Pollinators will improve crop yield and reduce labor.

• Ideal for pollinating tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, eggplants, strawberries and other crops with both reproductive parts in the same flower.
• Use excess pollen to pollinate 4 to 5 additional flowers on same plant, increasing productivity.
• 6 month manufacturer's warranty.

Rechargeable Garden Pollinator

• Five-speed sonic pollinator with USB and AC adapter.
• Includes 4.5” and 7” wands with vibration-reducing handles and pollen spoon.
• Sonic speeds of 29,000 to 44,000 VPM.
• UL certified and RoHS compliant.