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EasyMotion Double Doors - 24'W X 12'H Gray

Item Number: 116323G Availability: Available in 6 days (Manufactured Product)

The classic EasyMotion Door is now available as EasyMotion Double Doors.

  • Ideal for applications that require a double door.
  • EasyMotion Double Doors are built to last and provide excellent protection. They are made from 14-gauge square tubing and have an outstanding strength-toweight ratio. The high-quality materials resist wear and tear, so minimal maintenance is required.
  • Door are light to the touch, and they open and close with little pressure.
  • EasyMotion Double Doors sit on a corrosion resistant track that won't rust. The track stays debris free and won't gather snow, ice or anything else that could jam or block the door.
  • The center latch mechanism opens from both the inside and the outside, and it is compatible with padlocks.