Insect Screening Kit - 6'H X 30'W

Item Number: 115371H6L30 Availability: Available in 10 days (Manufactured Product)
Eliminate penetration of insects and other pests, while providing maximum airflow.

• Transparent, woven, natural-color, HDPE anti-virus screen is ideal for all vents, doors and more.
• Construction: 51 x 25 mesh.
• UV stabilized.
• Creates a controlled environment, eliminating pests and preventing plant disease.
• Offers a 12% shade factor.
• Reduces the need for spraying and exposure to costly and undesirable pesticides.
• Excludes Whitefly, Aphids, Leafminers and up to 80% of Western Flower Thrips in field applications.
• Insect Screen Kits are easily installed when paired with Growers Supply's hinged end wall vents. The kits provide ample surface area for superior air flow, and the frame and hardware required to connect the vent framing is included.