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Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance­ Pesticide and Zero Tolerance Fungicides

Ed Rosenthal's Zero Tolerance® Pesticide and Zero Tolerance Fungicide provide an all natural and effective way to fight pests, molds and fungi.

• A safe option for both growers and the environment.
• Meets EPA guidelines and is 100% vegan.
• Fully evaporates within five days, leaving no residue, unlike other natural oils.
• These products were designed for plants that have a waxy surface, but can be diluted to safely treat delicate plants.

Zero Tolerance Pesticide
• Kills and repels spider mites, aphids, thrips, caterpillars, mealy bugs and molds.
• Can be used within a week of harvest.
• Available in concentrates. One concentrated pint makes 2.4 gal. and one concentrated quart makes 5 gal.
• OMRI Listed.

Zero Tolerance Fungicide
• Great for fighting powdery mildew, gray and white mold, black spot, as well as most molds and fungi.
• Natural ingredients eliminate spores quickly.
• The use of potassium bicarbonate causes the surface of the leaf to become more alkaline, preventing the growth of spores.