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ValuTek Fan Cooler - Low/Medium Pressure 48" Box Fan

Item Number: 106691 Availability: Available in 3 days (Manufactured Product)
ValuTek Fan Coolers offer an effective, energy-efficient method of eliminating the dangers of heat stress.

• Economical way to cool both large and small areas, either indoors or outdoors.
• Available in fan sizes from 18" to 48", in wall or ceiling mount, oscillating pedestal, and box styles.
• Choose either low/medium pressure or powerful high pressure coolers.
• Fine spray of water combines with the air movement of the fan to reduce temperatures up to 25 degrees.
• Ideal for all agricultural, horticultural, commercial and industrial applications.
• Fast heat relief for your poultry, livestock, or workers.

Please Note: Low/Medium Pressure Fan Coolers are manufactured with our corrosion-resistant fans, 1/4" corrosion-resistant hose with stainless steel clamps, and white fog nozzles that are formulated from special plastic to assure long service and life. Each kit comes with a female inlet to hook to any garden hose. Kits can be operated with or without Booster Pump.