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Ventilation and Humidity Controller

Item Number: 105425 Availability: Available in 7 days
Integrated cooling thermostat and dehumidistat turn exhaust and/or intake fans on and off to remove excess or unwanted heat and humidity.

• Four integrated outlets turn on and off at the same time when triggered by the temperature or humidity settings on the dials.
• Plug in and control circulation fans, exhaust fans, cooling systems or dehumidifiers in greenhouses and almost any other indoor environment.
• Best suited for environments with no C02 enrichment.
• Black anodized, brush finish aluminium housing.
• Thermostat differential: 7 °.
• Humidistat differential: 7% RH.
• Operating temperature: 32° to 120°F (0° to 50°C).
• 120/115VAC with 15 Amp maximum switching capacity.
• 50/60 AWG, SJT rated 6' power cord with three connectors.
• It is recommended a surge protector be used.