3-Zone Sprinkling System

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This cost effective watering system is easy to use and can be expanded at any time. Easy as 1-2-3! (1) Set-up Filter and Supply Line. (2) Install Roto Max® Inverted Sprinkler Assembly. (3) Start watering!

• Ideal overhead watering system, the 3-Zone Sprinkler Assembly will ensure adequate watering conditions, without the worries over-watering can cause.
• Easy and cost effective to install, each Sprinkler Assembly will efficiently water a 30' - 35' area. This may vary depending on inlet pressure and flow rates.
• Recommended pressure is 40 - 50 PSI, with zone watering up to three sprinklers per zone.
• Industrial quality 10" filter housings are manufactured from reinforced polypropylene and include 30 micron filter cartridge, wrench and mounting bracket.
• All nylon, PVC Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 plumbing fittings guarantee long life.
• Inlet: 3/4" FNPT. Outlet: 3/4" MGH.
• Add RotoMax® Inverted Sprinkler Assembly, End Drain and End Fitting to customize to your exact needs. All sold separately below.
• We recommend our corrosion resistant, nonmagnetic pipe hangers be spaced every 4' - 6'.
• Use with our 3/4" Gilmour® coupled Flexogen Garden Hose, that comes with a lifetime warranty, sold separately.
• Zinc-plated Tek Screws (#10 x 1-1/2") come in bulk packaged quantities of 100 and require no pre-drilling.
• To protect from winter freezing, we suggest opening the drain valves and blowing out with compressed air.

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3-Zone Sprinkling System3-Zone Sprinkling System3-Zone Sprinkling System

Required Items:
• 3-Zone Sprinkling System SKU# 107729
• RotoMax Sprinkler Assembly SKU# 107730
• End Drain SKU# 107731
• End Fitting SKU# 107732
• Pipe Hanger SKU# 106808
• 1" Heavy-Duty U-Clamp SKU# FAPA12
• 3/4" Uncoupled Hose SKU# WF6504A
• Female Coupling SKU# WF1795
• Self-Drilling Tek Screw (pack of 100) SKU# FA4465