ValuTek™ Utility Light - 55W CFL Bulb

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Light up any shop, garage, barn or work area. Enhance plant growth in your greenhouse. This fixture puts the light right where it is needed.

• Versatile fixture accepts your incandescent bulb as well as compact fluorescent (CFL).
• Gasketed cord and bracket openings help shield fixture from moisture.
• Choose fixture only or fixture plus 24 W, 55 W or 125 W CFL with 6,000 hours of life.
• Fixtures with 55 W Full Spectrum CFL (107342A) and 125 W Full Spectrum CFL (111579) help to enhance plant growth, develop strong roots, healthy foliage and brilliant flowers in your greenhouse.
• Includes eyehook mount, 3' cord and plug.
• 14" open reflector achieves maximum light distribution, while greatly conserving energy.