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DuroStat™ Portable Waterproof Prewired Thermostat

Item Number: CR2045 Availability: In Stock

This completely watertight unit provides precise, automatic control of your heating, cooling and ventilation systems.

  • 30°F to 110°F temperature range.
  • Includes 8' cord for hanging where you want it.
  • Clear flip cover keeps dial clean and easy to read.
  • Stainless steel sensing coil.
  • Dual voltage: 16 FLA at 120 V. 8 FLA at 240 V.
Product Tip: CR2045 comes prewired for cooling and any item can be controlled by plugging in the controller, and then plugging your device directly into the controller. Can easily be switched over for heating. Does not work 240V with the corded option use CR2095 for 240V.