Twist-Lock 630 Series Coupling

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Twist-Lock Drip Tape Connectors (110736 – 110739)

• Unique design provides a secure, leak-proof connection. Larger threads for easy and fast hand installation. Chemical, UV and heat resistant.
• Twist-Lock 630 Series TWD x 0.4" Barb (110736): Connects drip tape to polyethylene supply tubing.
• Twist-Lock 630 Series TWD x 3/4" MPT Adapter (110772): Connects drip tape to garden hose. Use with 3/4" x 3/4" FGH x FPT Brass Hose Garden Fitting (112062), sold separately.
• Twist-Lock 630 Series Tee (110737): Connects three lengths of drip tape to create perpendicular rows. For areas that are hard to reach from the supply line or for running dripper lines around obstacles.
• Twist-Lock 630 Series Coupling (110738): For repair and connecting two sections of drip tape.
• Twist-Lock 630 Series End Plug (110739): For closing end of drip tape row.
• Twist-Lock 630 Series 0.400" Barb with Valve (110740): Connects drip tape to supply header tubing. Valve allows you to turn irrigation on and off at supply header for specific dripper line.