iDrive 150 DCP Dual DC Motor Controller

Item Number: 116252 Availability: Available in 21 days
Based off of the iDrive 300™, this controller features similar components and design, ensuring users get a controller of the highest quality.

• Several features make this controller ideal for DC motors, including voltage adjustments for line losses, IR compensation, torque controls and more.
• Single phase, 120 VAC and a 15A fuse to provide internal electronic protection.
• 24 VDC, which is variable from 0 VDC – 36 VDC.
• Three wire limit switch design.
• Power relays.

Pricing is for controller only. For turnkey integrated solutions please contact one of our knowledgeable Greenhouse Specialists. Turnkey integrated solutions include factory built UL contactor/relay panels prewired to & integrated with the controller. Custom options & color coded wiring diagrams available.