Johnson Gas CO2 Generator - Propane

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Improve plant quality, while increasing production with Johnson Gas CO2 Generators. These generators automatically provide the carbon dioxide needed to meet maximum growing potential for only pennies per day.

• Easy to install in any greenhouse, without expensive duct work.
• CO2 is diffused evenly throughout greenhouse. No supplemental fans required.
• Small size for easy movement.
• Constructed from high-quality steel for corrosion resistance and long life.
• Controls subject to rigorous testing during production to ensure safe and proper operation.
• Automatic gas shut-off in case of pilot failure.
• Based on one air exchange per hour, 1,500 ppm can be obtained per unit in a 4,800 sq. ft. greenhouse or an equivalent 50,000 cu. ft. volume.
• Transformer is required for operation. Can operate up to three units with one transformer. 115 V/24 V, 40 VA.
• 1 year manufacturer's warranty.