2-2-3 CNS17 Bloom - 5 Gallon

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CNS17™ Commercial Nutrient Systems feature 17 essential plant nutrients contained in convenient single bottle formulas, and include all macro and micro nutrients to grow healthy hydroponic crops. Revolutionary suspension technology encloses each nutrient to prevent binding or lockup.

CNS17 Bloom 2-2-3 (112911).
• Highly concentrated, economical fertilizers produce premium results with all hydroponic growing methods.
• Features 17 essential elements.
• Suited for a wide range of vegetable, flower and fruiting crops grown using hydroponic methods.
• Ideal for use with our Grodan Delta Grow-Blocks™, Jiffy 7-C Coir Pellets, Horticultural Perlite, sold separately.
• Available in gallon containers.