FodderPro 3.0 Commercial Feed Module - 750 lbs.

Item Number: 112657 Availability: Available in 10 days (Manufactured Product)
FodderPro 3.0 Commercial Feed Systems can produce tons of feed daily. Ideal for large dairy operations, equine boarding facilities, commercial organic farms, beef operations, large pig farms, commercial poultry operations and more! Only one man hour of labor per ton keeps cost low! Custom-designed systems for large-scale fodder growing! Call your knowledgeable fodder specialist at extension 1267 to learn more.

• 7-day cycle lets you grow nutrient-rich fodder on a daily basis for just pennies per pound.
• UV-stabilized, NSF-quality PVC growing channels are supported by a galvanized steel frame.
• Fodder-Pro 3.0 Commercial Feed System features 6'3" long, growing channels that are each 16" wide and 2" deep.
• These low-maintenance modules will produce tons of fodder per day.