HydroCycle H2-4 Micro Dutch Bucket System

Item Number: 113621 Availability: Available in 10 days (Manufactured Product)
For those looking to grow hydroponically within the home or in compact spaces, we offer the HydroCycle Micro Dutch Bucket System. Its modest footprint means that it can fit in just about any space.

• With dimensions of just 39"W x 35"L x 12"H this is an ideal system for home growers or hobbyists.
• Great for growing vine crops, like tomatoes or cucumbers, and also peppers, eggplant and more.
• The Micro System includes four HydroCycle Dutch Buckets with siphon elbows, 3/4" supply tubing, 1/8" micro tubing, dripper stakes, micro tees, magnetic drive recirculating pump, air pump with air diffusers and a nutrient reservoir with lid and porthole cover.