Pure Blend® Pro Grow 3-2-4 - Gallon

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Pure Blend® Grow 3-2-4 and Pure Blend® Pro Bloom 2-3-5 provide plants grown both hydroponically or in soil with naturally sourced nutrients that are designed to support each stage of growth.

• A great source of major, secondary and trace minerals that support nutritional balance and healthy growth. Pure Blend® Pro Grow promotes the development of fruiting and flowering plants, while Pure Blend® Pro Bloom provides the necessary support to buds, fruits and flowers.
• An environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers, and won't expose plants to dangerous chemicals, heavy metals or ammonia.
• 100% plant soluble for fast absorption.
• Although not 100% organic, the nutrients are organic based. The organic aspects of Pure Blend® Pro allow plants to effectively utilize the nutrients.
• Sourced from fish meal, kelp, composted seabird guano, potassium carbonate, rock phosphate, magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate.
• 1-gallon containers.