Hose Bib Assembly - Field Irrigation

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The Hose Bib Assembly simplifies your irrigation and keeps it functioning properly.

• Connects water or nutrient solution supply hoses to the supply header to filter out debris and sediment and ensures that water pressure stays within the proper PSI.
• Assembly features 3/4" Brass Adapter, Y-Filter, Shut-off valve, (2) PVC Tee Fittings, (2) 3/4" PVC Bushings, 100 PSI Pressure Gauge, (2) 3/4" Nipple Adapters, Pressure Regulator, 15 PSI Pressure Gauge, 3/4" Adaptor, 3/4" Washer and Thread Sealing Tape.
• Maximum flow rate: 5 GPM.
• For use with streamline 636 drip tape only.

Please Note: If reducing down to 1/2" tubing additional fittings WF2070 & WF2372 are required.