Premium Seaming and Fabric Repair Tape Black - 4"W x 100'L - On Sale

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Black Premium Tape is ideal for seaming, sealing and repairing pond and landfill liners.

• Composed of tough, multipolymer alloy film with a synthetic elastomeric adhesive.
• Manufactured to provide an air, vapor, and watertight seal.
• Resistant to UV rays, thermal expansion, bacteria, impact and abrasion.
• Excellent for all applications where abrasion, puncture, and leak resistance is important.
• Cost effective and easy to use.
• Thickness: 25 mil. Tensile strength: 4,500 PSI.
• Available in black, 4" x 100' rolls.

Note: Surface must be clean and dry. Oil, grease and all other residue should be removed with a suitable cleaner.