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Reflective Shade Replacement Cover 40% - 20'W x 60'L

Item Number: 2060SVRC40 Availability: Available in 6 days (Manufactured Product)

Replacement Commercial Shade House Covers can shield plants from damaging heat, maintaining their health and profitability.

  • Manufactured from coextruded black/white polyolefin film, Reflective Shade features a monofilament yarn structure for strength and long-lasting use without significant stretching.
  • Provides a cool area through solar reflection.
  • The white side of the shade is highly reflective, and it creates an efficient shading option by limiting light and heat transmission.
  • When temperatures are low, the black side of the shade can help reduce radiated heat loss.
  • Shade features a 5 year warranty for outdoor use.
  • Available in 40% to 60% shade.