Heliospectra E60 Grow Light - E602G

Item Number: 115716 Availability: Available in 21 days
Heliospectra E60 - This economical unit was designed with the world's finest greenhouse growers to provide a versatile and easy-to-operate lighting option.

• Easy-to-use on/off supplemental lighting.
• Fixed-spectrum light that is designed to be used anywhere.
• Promotes faster rooting in seedlings and mature plants.
• Limits crop times and improves crop quality.
• E60 lights are easily hardwired into existing systems.
• Operates at a low temperature that reduces required cooling.
• Compact design. Weighs just 17 lbs.

E602G (115716)
• Ideal for greenhouse crop production.
• Features three wavebands of 450 nm, 660 nm and 5,700K white.

Please Note : Comes with an open-ended power cord. Hard wire or add a plug of your choice.