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Whole Bay HydroCycle Dutch Bucket System - 30'W x 48'L

Item Number: 113596 Availability: Available in 10 days (Manufactured Product)
Our Whole Bay HydroCycle Dutch Bucket Systems simplify large-scale growing and allow you to hydroponically grow healthy and attractive plants.

• Dutch Buckets are made from durable, long-lasting PolyMax® and are great for fruiting and larger crops.
• To grow the finest crops, this system utilizes concentrated fertilizer and nutrient solutions.
• The system mixes water in two tanks of fertilizer and then a Nutrient Batch Dosing System adds acid to maintain the proper pH.
• Woodpecker drippers and dripper stakes use a nutrient feed pump station to provide the plants with a nutrient solution. In order to prevent disease, any excess nutrient solution is treated as waste and drained.
• Each bucket has a siphon-designed drainage system and nutrient reservoir.
• Our production specifications are based off of tomato plants that are planted two per bucket with the buckets spaced 16" on center. Nutrients, spacing and watering can change based on plant type or variety.
• HydroCycle Dutch Bucket Row Kits allow growers to add a row of buckets to our existing systems.