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EZ-Flo - 1 Gallon System

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EZ-FLO Hose Bib & Drip Systems feed flowers, trees and shrubs without the need to constantly refill the tank. EZ-FLO Systems can work with any water-soluble fertilizer or liquid product.

  • EZ-FLO Systems can be installed and easily mounted in minutes.
  • Ideal when you don't have a dedicated irrigation system, or when you want to separately address certain types of plants that require specialty fertilizers and supplements.
  • Hose Bib Systems can be used by homeowners, nurseries or professional growers by simply attaching them to standard water faucets.
  • Tanks are manufactured from heavy-duty polyethylene plastic that is not designed to withstand constant water pressure. They need to be depressurized after each use to ensure long service life.
  • There are many end devices that can distribute fertilizer and supplements, including handheld spray nozzles, lawn sprinklers, single zone spray, micro spray and drip emitters, making this a very flexible system to use.
  • Maximum pressure limit is 50 PSI in operating mode.
  • Systems are available in three tank sizes: 3/4 gallon, 1 gallon, and 2.5 gallons.
  • EZ-FLO ensures that the proportion of fertilizer or supplement to water remains constant from the beginning of the cycle until the tank is depleted.
  • Units have an adjustable cap with four basic settings, relating to the amount of fertilizer/supplement mixed with water.
  • Coupling connector is available in 1" with socket x socket connections. These PVC Schedule 40 couplings are 1/4" nylon barbed tubing that are used to connect the EZ-FLO System to the irrigation flow line (1/4" flexible tubing is provided with each system).
  • A must-have for your system is the Hose Vacuum Breaker, which prevents backflow into your drinking water using a brass anti-siphon bulb with stainless steel spring and screw. Simply screw into your Hose Bib prior to connecting your EZ-FLO System.
  • Reduces the amount of fertilizer needed and save water too!