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HydroCycle Hobby NFT Lettuce System - 6"W Channels

Item Number: 115141 Availability: Available in 6 days (Manufactured Product)
The HydroCycle Hobby NFT Lettuce Systems produce lush, healthy produce on a year-round basis. These compact systems are an ideal option for the hobbyist looking to earn extra income from home or just grow fresh produce, the commercial grower trying to experiment with new crops or school agricultural programs.

• Consistently produce the tastiest and most profitable lettuce, herbs, leafy greens and more.
• The six week grow cycle allows each system to produce an average weekly yield of up to 12 heads of lettuce.
• Hobby Systems feature a small footprint that allows it to be effortlessly operated in garages, basements, hobby greenhouses, schools and more.
• Each channel is recommended to have seven 1-3/8" plant sites, which are spaced 8" on center, providing a total of 28 plant sites per system.
• Channels and lids are constructed from UV-stabilized, recycled plastics that are capped with NSF-certified material. The removable, snap-on lids provide easy system maintenance.
• The frame is manufactured from 1.315" OD USA-made, triple-galvanized steel, providing a long life in even the most corrosive environments.
• Systems come complete with nutrient reservoir tank, magnetic drive pro pump, air pump with air stone, as well as all the necessary plumbing, fittings and adapters.