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Double Faced Tape-2"x180'

TekFoil Reflective Foil Insulation

 TekFoil Reflective Foil Insulation - Growers SupplyThe primary function of reflective insulation is to reduce radiant heat transfer across open spaces, which is a major contributor of heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. TekFoil products are engineered to provide an extremely effective, low-cost system to help keep BTUs where they belong: outside when it's hot, and inside when it's not. Once installed in a building cavity, air is trapped, reducing heat flow by convection. TekFoil stops radiant heat flow by both reflectivity (95% reflective) and emissivity (only .05% emissive). Resists fungus, mildew, insects and rodents. TekFoil is a patent compliant product.

Insulation and Vapor Barrier Types
Reflective/Bubble Bubble/Reflective

Effective under wood, concrete, vinyl and aluminum siding and is also a perfect for use as a vapor barrier. Use in commercial and agricultural construction, as well as residential and factory-built construction.
Reflective/Bubble Bubble/Reflective

Perfect for use with new and retrofit residential, commercial, factory and agricultural construction. Use in walls, basements, floors, ceilings, roofs, attics, crawl spaces and barns. Ideal for insulating heating and air conditioning duct work.
Reflective/Bubble Bubble/White Polyethylene

The perfect for use as a vapor barrier. This insulation works under wood, concrete, vinyl, and aluminum siding, and will double the effectiveness of radiant heating systems.
Reflective-Kraft, Flame-Retardant Reflective
(R/K), (R/R)

Great radiant barrier. Perforated available for use with existing vapor barrier. It's perfect for uses in attics in addition to conventional insulation.
Pipe Wrap
Pipe Wrap is permanent and maintenance free; simply wrap the pipe and close with tab tape. Wrapping cold water pipes in TekFoil will reduce condensation, preventing mold and mildew.
Clear Bubble Insulation
Drastically reduce greenhouse heating costs by up to 50%. Just as effective as insulated glass, this insulation may be left up all year round. Environmentally friendly and CFC free.

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