Growers Supply

Intermatic Electric Timer


Growers Supply's line of precise time controllers are suited for your feeder, mister or exhaust fan. Precise cycle timing saves energy costs and improves heating and cooling. We have timer models for indoor and outdoor use, digital and analog, watertight, and also models with industrial grade enclosures.

Choosing a Timer
• Determine the cycle length. This is the minimum length of time during which the operations occur without repetition. This period of time is a day, a week, or a year.
• Determine the number of operations required. One on/off cycle consists of two operations. Every time the timer turns on the power to the object desired, requires a pin in the mechanical models, so that is one operation.
• Determine the minimum duration of the shortest on operation and the shortest off operation. The Paragon timers vary from 1 minute minimum to 75 minutes minimum.
• Determine the load and voltage requirements of the object the timer is controlling. You need to know the horsepower and voltage of a motor or the amperage and voltage of the object.
• Determine the switch type or the number of objects being controlled. This could be SPST, DPST, DPDT or a non-standard option. The S is for Single, the P is for Pole, the T is for Throw and the D is for Double.
• Determine if the NEMA rating of the timer is important. The NEMA ratings for electronic enclosures that are available for timers are the Type 1 metal box for indoor use where no oil, water or dust is present or the Type 3R non-metallic box for outdoor use and protection against rain, sleet and snow.
• Determine if mechanical or electronic timer is desired. If timing accuracy is required then choose an electric timer. This requires initial programming and battery upkeep. The mechanical models are simpler, but may require additional tripper pins for their applications.