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Quik Klamp 90 Degree Elbows

Quik Klamp Pipe Fittings

Create tubular frames without welding, threading, bolting or drilling. All you need for a cost-effective, versatile and simple way to design and assemble load-bearing indoor and outdoor structures quickly and easily. Precut pipe is easily fitted and locked in. Using only simple hand tools, such as standard hex key and tube cutters, complex pipe configurations can be produced quickly and efficiently. Standard hex key and tube cutters are all the tools you need. Create versatile and rigid tubular structures.

• Galvanized, corrosion resistant.
• A cost-effective alternative to welding.
• Strong and easy to assemble.

Quik Klamp Pipe Fitting projects can be disassembled and stored if needed, or even taken apart with fittings and pipe recycled into a new project. Applications include handrails, carports, greenhouses, tool rack, displays racks, safety barriers, playground equipment, store fixtures, boat docks, guardrails, fences, awnings, grid systems, customer guidance, and more!