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Irrigation Manifold Kit

Drip Irrigation Systems

The most efficient method of irrigation, drip irrigation uses up to 70% less water compared to flood irrigation and can more than double your crop yield. Design your own customized setup with our new Drip Irrigation System. Save water, increase fertilizer efficiency and grow healthier crops with our Drip Irrigation System!

Ideal for: tomatoes, peppers, melons, corn, strawberries, cauliflower, and other row crops.

• Save water, increase fertilizer efficiency by 30% and grow healthier crops that mature faster. Early maturity results in higher and faster returns on investment.
• Each drip tape exit chamber supplies a uniform application of water, nutrients or other required growth substances directly to the root zone of the plant.
• Ideal for desert regions, hilly terrains, sandy areas, or anywhere you want to provide a precise and efficient irrigation system that will reduce plant stress and produce optimum growth.

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