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Svensson White Ground Cover

Ground Cover & Fabrics

Growers Supply offers a huge assortment of ground cover, weed block, all purpose fabric and tarps for your greenhouses and gardens. Control weeds, temperature and moisture in the fields, or in the nurseries with our standard duty, heavy duty, pourous, and non pourous ground cover and weed blocking fabrics. Frost blankets protect your plants in early spring and late fall extending your growing season and increasing your profits & crop yields. Protect your equipment, delicate plants, & trees from wind, sun, and heavy rain with our wide variety of tarps and fabrics. We carry all types, sizes, and colors so their use is only limited by your imagination. Use for privacy screening, greenhouse room dividers, greenhouse flooring, greenhouse covers & repairs, or black out growing. Use for storage of equipment and supplies, by protecting from the elements. Retain 100% profitablity and nutrient value by keeping your supplies under tarps!

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