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Blackout Fan Kits

Blackout Fan Kits & Accessories

Breathable Wall Light Traps and our innovative Blackout Kits maintain controlled airflow in your greenhouse or grow room without sacrificing blackout environments.

The Breathable Wall Light Traps

• Ideal for any light deprivation needs.
• Allows for nearly 100% airflow, while blocking all light, creating a well-ventilated, blacked out environment.
• Enables you to build with blackout material. Section off rooms, create knee walls or use on exterior walls to prevent light from entering your grow space.
• Call one of our greenhouse specialists for custom sizes.

Blackout Fan Kit

• Includes Breathable Wall Light Traps and adapter plenum.
• 113393, 113394, 113408, 113409 and 113419 comes with ValuTek™ Slant Wall Exhaust Fans. The heavy-duty fans are galvanized to fight corrosion and ensure a long life. The energy-efficient motor is completely enclosed and features solid motor mounting for quiet operation.
• 113435 and 113436 utilize the ValuTek™ Direct Drive Exhaust Fans with Shutters. The high-performance, economical fan is totally enclosed and maintenance free. It features corrosion-resistant aluminum shutters with a tie bar that reduces flapping and keeps the shutters closed when it is not in operation.

Blackout Shutter Kits

• Includes Breathable Wall Light Traps.
• Comes with ValuTek™ Motorized Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutters.
• Dependable and durable construction for a long life.
• Can be used for intake or exhaust, with either manual or thermostatic controls, which are sold separately.
• Includes a 110/220 V motor.