Growers Supply

Galvanized Conduit

Wind Fence System

Keep unwanted sand, salt, other debris off your shrubs, lawn, and flowerbeds.

• Highly effective, economical solution to this annoying problem.
• 3 oz. per sq. yd., UV-resistant, black woven polypropylene resists tears and punctures, and will last for many years.
• Attach fabric to your existing fence, or build your own new fence, using our Fence Post System.
• Ideal for dog kennels and runs, decks, tennis courts, ball fields, construction sites, or anywhere wind reduction is needed.
• In addition to blocking wind disturbances, this fencing system is an excellent privacy screen. Prohibits unwanted distractions and on-lookers.
• 19 gauge 1.05" OD galvanized 8' fence posts are installed with ease using our 2' ground posts and post driver. Insert ground post about 2' into ground. Place fence post inside it. Finished fence post height will be about 6'.
• No need for screws or tape. Use our laborsaving Fabric Clips, that will not tear or pierce your fabric, to safely secure and fasten fabric to fence post.
• Excellent for use as silt fence.
• Build a protective barrier around your garden, plants or shrubs.

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