Patio Growhouses

Whether you have a condo patio, apartment balcony, or a small backyard, we have the 4-tier mini greenhouse, 4-season four tier mini greenhouse, hobby patio greenhouse, umbrella greenhouse or garden starter greenhouse to suit your needs. Our backyard hobby cold frames, flip top cold frames, and 8mm Heavy-Duty Commercial cold frames will help you get a head start on the growing season or protect delicate seedlings and plants from the elements. No outdoor space at all? Put our 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse in a sunny window for a beautiful indoor garden! Use our tiered patio growhouse in your apartment, college dorm, condominium or home in a sunny window and grow dwarf vegetables, flowering plants, cactus, succulents, orchids, and houseplants all year long. Replacement patio greenhouse covers and other great gardening accessories such as soil testing kits, moisture meters, watering wands, gardening gloves are available to use with your patio growhouse, or miniature cold frame.

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