Easy Water 1-2-3 System

Soaker Hose SystemEasy Water 1-2-3 System allows water, nutrients and air to pass through but stops the weeds. Increase your vegetable yield up to 75%. Optimum weed control, with the perfect balance of air, water and nutrient exchange!

• Weeds compete with vegetables for water, light and nutrition. By taking control of these weeds, your production will reach full potential.
• Just sit back and enjoy your bountiful harvest, with no weeding or hand watering.
Easy Water 1-2-3 System - Drip Irrigation
Lay our Gilmour® Water Weeper Hose in placeSecure with our fabric staples
1. Lay our Gilmour® Water Weeper Hose in place, securing with our fabric staples, sold below. 5/8" ID Weeper Hose is available in either coupled 50 ft. length or uncoupled 250 ft. length. Both come with lifetime warranties. Weeper Hose targets the specific area that needs watering, offering precise, gentle soaking and eliminating water waste.
Place Weed Guard Ground Cover over the hoseMake slits in the Weed Guard
2. Place Weed Guard Ground Cover over the hose and secure with our Fabric Securing Staples Our 3 oz. per sq. yd. Ground Cover is manufactured from UV-resistant black polypropylene and has a long life expectancy. Fabric Securing Staples are made of 11 gauge steel wire, are 6" long with a 1" wide crown and are available individually or in boxes of 1,000.

3. Make slits in the Weed Guard, which is pre-marked every 12" for easy plant alignment, measuring and cutting. As easy as 1-2-3!