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SunBlocker Bulk Shade Cloth

Easy to install and remove over your greenhouse. SunBlocker Premium PolyMax Bulk Polyethylene Knitted Shade Rolls save you time, headaches and money! Our lightweight materials, available in different sizes, are highly resistant to UV degradation and temperature extremes and feature high tensile strength.

Need us to make you a shade panel?

  1. When checking out, add the dimensions (Length and Width) in the "Notes" field.
  2. If you need grommets, add stock number CC3051 to your order in the desired quantity. Example, to have grommets in all four corners of your shade panel, add a quantity of 4 of stock number CC3051.
  3. If you are getting grommets, you will need to add tape (stock number CC3047) to your order. To determine the amount of tape you need, calculate the linear feet (Length + Length + Width + Width). Example: For 4W' by 6W' shade panel, you will need 20' of tape.
  4. There is a fee for making a small panel. Please add stock number CC3046 to your order.

If you have any questions about ordering a shade panel please add a note in your order and we will contact you.

Which shade density is best for your needs? Read our Shade Materials Buyer's Guide.