Fertilizer Injector Systems - On Sale

Fertilizer Injector Systems deliver a finely tuned fertilizer mix to keep vegetables, perennials, bedding plants and crops of all kinds thriving.

• The water-driven proportioning injectors automatically fertilize and maintain the proper pH every time you irrigate.
• These energy-efficient units do not require electricity.
• Injector boards allow you to purchase pre-mixed fertilizers and pH adjusters or mix your own custom solutions to address specific needs.
• Your choice of Single or Double Injector Systems. Single Injector Systems are ideal for all-in-one fertilizer mixes and feature one pump for fertilizer and one for pH adjustments. Double Injector Systems allow two-part fertilizer mixes to be utilized and feature two pumps for fertilizer and one for pH adjustments.
• Easy to set up and install. Simply attach the unit to where your water line enters the growing space.
• Spare seal kits are included.