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ClearSpan Bolt Up Buildings

ClearSpan Bolt Up Building is a structural solution for any operation on any property. This affordable metal structure is designed for ease of installation, allowing you and just a few friends to assemble.

  • ClearSpan’s Bolt Up Building is the perfect solution for customers that want a dependable steel building, but don't need one of ClearSpan's larger-scale structures.
  • These kits are weld free and bolt together for easy assembly and can be put together quickly with a limited crew.
  • These structures require few tools and go up quickly, ensuring a quick building solution for any need.
  • The ClearSpan Bolt-Ups ship in just a few days, and the package includes an installation guide, framing, roof, cladding, trim, doors and all the required accessories to complete a functional and handsome building.

    The ClearSpan Bolt Up Building Advantage includes:

  • Get a building when you need it most - Ships quick, assembles quick.
  • No welding - Structure bolts together for easy assembly.
  • Large door framing and walk-in doors - Access for large equipment and vehicles.
  • Durable design - Constructed from high-quality materials.
  • Trim package included - Provides a clean, finished look.