Over-the-top Blackout System - 30'W x 96'L

Item Number: RBC57L96 Availability: Available in 6 days (Manufactured Product)
Over-the-top Blackout systems are external light deprivation systems that are easy to use and cost-efficient.

• Mounted on the exterior of the greenhouse.
• System features two arms, which hold the blackout curtain, on the end walls. To cover the greenhouse, the arms descend from the peak, unrolling the curtain as they go. When fully unrolled, the curtain provides blackout conditions to the greenhouse.
• Made for Series 500 Greenhouses, but can be customized for other greenhouses upon request.
• Covered with a high-strength polyethylene that is nontransparent, providing complete darkness.
• Equipped with dual 24V DC motors that are dust and water protected for an extended outdoor life.
• Motor controller options include, the 150DC Link4 iDrive Motor Controller (116252) and an Over-The-Top Rollup Dual Motor Controller w/Timer(116405), sold separately below.
• The 150DC Link4 iDrive is also compatible with iGrow greenhouse controllers for complete environmental control from one convenient controller. Growers often opt for the iGrow 800 w/Integrated Panels (116417) controller.