Grow-Span Canopy-Top Cold Frames

GrowSpan Canopy-Top Cold Frame provides ventilation, direct sunlight, and easy working access!

• Prop the cold frame up to allow for sunlight and air circulation, or keep it down to protect from rain, frost and winds.
• Relocation is quick and easy.
• Frame is made from heavy-duty 17 gauge, 1.315" OD USA-made, triple-galvanized structural steel tubing.
• Custom sizes available on request, or join two or more units together for desired length.
• 5' rafter spacing.Many cover options available.Choose from greenhouse film, shade material, lightweight PolyMax® fabric, or insulate frost blanket, all sold separately. 10'W frames require approximately 14' wide covering. 14'W frames require approximately 20' wide covering.
• Our Labor Saver Fabric Clips, sold separately, won't tear or rip your fabric and make fastening a snap!