Air Distribution System Kits

Air Distribution System Kits are ideal for use with greenhouse tube ventilation systems. They offer an easy way to improve greenhouse air circulation and heat distribution.
  • These units will temper the air in more sensitive environments, like those required for hydroponics.
  • Circulating the air in a growing structure provides fresh air to plants, making roots healthier. It also decreases the occurrence of micro-climates in a greenhouse.
  • Provides uniform air distribution throughout greenhouses, which helps to improve heating efficiency and uniformity, and can reduce disease and increase production.
    When combined with a separate exhaust fan, the system helps to dehumidify and provides a safe, gentle air exchange that won't harm plants in the cooler seasons.
  • System can be automated with thermostats or iGrow controllers.
  • Adjustable tube size, hole placement and hole size.
  • Fans feature dual-voltage, totally enclosed, high-efficiency ball-bearing motors with thermal-overload protection. All fans are variable speed except for the 36" unit. Controllers are needed for variable speed operation and are sold separately.
  • 12", 16" and 24" fans have polypropylene blades designed to deliver high volumes of air quietly and efficiently. 36" model has a high-performance, galvanized bade.
  • Box intake chambers are made of galvanized steel for durability in greenhouse applications.
  • Stainless steel jet fans will not rust and have 4" extensions to allow for the installation of vent tubing, sold separately.
    115/230 V.
  • Systems available for light deprivation greenhouses and applications.
  • Includes mounting hardware.