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Raised Bed Kits

Studies have proven that raised bed gardens produce almost twice as many vegetables and flowers per sq. ft. as ordinary gardens. Get the Raised Bed advantage!

  • Greatly improves soil conditions with reduced soil compaction.
  • Plants can be spaced closer together. This increases productivity per sq. ft.
  • Reduces weeding and eliminates most unwanted pests.
  • Aids in water conservation, as well as improved drainage.
  • Watering your raised bed garden is easy with our new Easy Water 1-2-3 System.
  • Conserve on mulch, fertilizer and compost needs.
  • Extend your growing season. Soil warms up sooner each spring and remains productive later into the fall.

Our DuraMesh™ galvanized wire makes an ideal liner for your raised bed garden. Mesh pattern allow for optimum air circulation and drainage, yet keeps unwanted pests from burrowing under your plants. Sold separately.

No more unnecessary bending. Ease of planting, tending and harvesting. PolyMax® Raised Bed Kits include:

  • Unique pair of stacking joints, manufactured from high-impact, durable, long-lasting plastic, are temperature resistant, with a 5.5" in-ground depth.
  • 44.5"L x 2" x 6"(1.5" x 5.5") composite lumber is constructed with 38% HDPE plastic and 62% certified sustainably sourced wood fibers. It has two inner supports that make it stronger, stiffer and lighter than other solid plastic lumbers. Extremely durable, this lumber will not rot, crack, split or splinter as real wood does, and comes with a 5 year warranty. Maintenance free, this composite lumber will maintain its color and beauty for years. Stake joints are 48" center to center.
  • Raised Bed Kits are intended for construction on a level surface.
  • Anchor joints, sold separately, are not included.