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Palsun Polycarbonate Sheets - 5'W x 8'L

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Who needs glass? Palsun windows are a versatile, tough and transparent thermoplastic that is stronger than glass and a great option for agricultural, industrial, residential and protective needs.

  • Manufactured from polycarbonate that provides a strong, see-through surface. Palsun polycarbonate can absorb impacts, while still maintaining its integrity and original shape, over a wide range of temperatures. It has even been referred to as "vandal proof" due to its strength.
  • Provides superior insulation properties than glass and promotes thermal efficiency year-round, allowing you to conserve energy and reduce costs.
  • Can be cut down to suit any need.
  • Completely blocks out harmful UV radiation and a significant amount of infrared radiation, while still transmitting 89% of incident light.
  • The sheets are manufactured with a co-extruded, UV-protective layer on one side that supports a long life. Palsun polycarbonate can withstand years of UV exposure, and an accelerated, 2000 hour, UV-exposure test, which simulated 20 years of exposure to hot and sunny climates, showed only a minor decrease in light transmission and very-limited yellowing.
  • Although it is only half the weight of glass, Palsun polycarbonate offers similar sound insulation properties.
  • In the event of fire, it won't allow the fire to spread and will extinguish itself as soon as the flame is removed.
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Comes in sheets that are 1/4" Thick x 5'W x 8'L.
  • 10 Year Exclusive Warranty!