48" High Output Energy-Efficient High Bay Fixtures

Reap all the benefits of natural sunlight, without any harmful UV rays, while saving up to 60% on energy costs! Ideal for dairy barns, warehouses, riding arenas, industrial facilities, greenhouses, garden centers, manufacturing facilities and more!

• Die-form, cold-rolled steel housing with white powder-coated finish.
• Precision-formed aluminum reflector assures maximum light output.
• Universal input electronic ballast.
• Durable fixture is resistant to corrosive environments, making it suitable for most applications.
• Pendant chain mounting.
• Starting temperature -10° F.
• Heavy-duty wire guard included.
• 120-277V.
• Power supply cord is not included. We suggest using our Pig Tail Power Supply Cord, sold separately.
• Lamps are sold separately. Please note type and quantity needed for each fixture. We recommend our energy efficient fluorescent tubes sold separately.

The Energy-Efficient High Bay Advantage
Improve visual clarity
Reduce eye fatigue & strain
Increase illumination levels
Better control of light
Ensure a healthier work environment
Simulate the sun's color to grow indoors all year
Dairy farmers earn additional net profit of $100.00 per cow using the
Long Day Lighting Technique
Provide a safe, more pleasant workplace
Reduce stress, irritability & headaches
Increase worker productivity