Heliospectra Lighting

Heliospectra combines advanced technology with superior functionality to create energy-efficient lighting strategies that are ideal for commercial cannabis production.

Since 2006, Heliospectra has taken a systems-based approach to lighting greenhouses and grow rooms. Designed with photosynthesis and plant physiology in mind, each unit ensures durable construction and effective lighting that utilizes LEDs, optics, remote sensing and heat dissipation. Heliospectra lighting distributes blended light equally across crops, and advanced technology enables growers to manipulate individual wave lengths and control light intensity.

Best of all, these lights are energy efficient and qualify for rebates from electricity providers. When compared to HID lighting, growers can achieve savings of 50%-70% and drastically reduce their carbon footprint. Between the energy savings and increased production, growers can benefit from a rapid return on their investment.

Work with a Greenhouse Specialist to create a custom lighting strategy that fits your operation perfectly. Whether you're growing indoors or in a greenhouse, our Greenhouse Specialists can help improve efficiency and boost production.